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We are the Premier Florida Marine Surveyor that delivers the most comprehensive and detailed Marine Survey for our clients

Why is a Marine Survey important and required?


Marine Survey Florida

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase will allow you to find the replacement cost and market value as found and condition of a vessel so you can make an informed decision on the purchase. Includes a visual inspection of the vessel as well as a visual inspection of the engine, wiring, plumbing, pumps, and hull (if hauled out). 


Insurance or Condition and Value Survey

 This is used by insurance underwriters and financial institutions to help them assess financial risk. This survey inspects and reports on the vessel and its systems including the hull, electrical systems, machinery, etc. Generally tailored specifically to the needs of the underwriter and compares the vessel to similar vessels of same size, class and service.

Visual inspection only.



The Boat Appraisal Survey is used to determine the value for selling your boat, for donations, and also for estate settlements. The price that a boat is valued at is determined by many things including the condition of the vessel, physical appearance, collision damage, electrical equipment, geographical location, as well as BUC value.


Damages Surveys

Performed to assess the complete extent of damages to a vessel resulting from any type of accident. The surveyor reports on the boat's condition, the probable cause of damage, and will offer recommendations for repair and estimate the cost of such repairs.



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Why Should You Have a Vessel Surveyed?

A prospective buyer needs to know the condition and fair market value of the vessel before purchasing it...even if you are a cash buyer. Most insurance companies and banks require a current survey on older vessels in order to underwrite/finance the vessel. A vessel should be surveyed every two years to ensure the insurability of said vessel. Insurance companies may require this. Finally, the most important reason to survey a vessel is to ensure that the condition of the vessel is known.

The Marine Surveyor SPEAKS for the vessel.

What a Survey IS NOT

A survey is not to be construed as a guarantee or warranty of the vessel's condition or fitness...and I do not know of any survey that is. While there may be a certified marine surveyor who is also a certified mechanic, marine electrician, naval architect, boat builder, captain, and attorney...I have not met this person, and do not know of anyone who has. My surveys are based on my observations and will be documented in the survey report and that is all that is documented.

A guarantee can be provided as to the soundness of the hull, engine(s), wiring, hoses, stability, electronics, and many other areas. Machinery and electronics can be operated under a load, disassembled, put back together, and again operated under a load. Wiring can be exposed, hoses pressure tested, the hull sandblasted, core samples taken, stability tests performed, etc, etc, etc,. These methods will actually cause damage and extreme costs to repair and will necessitate the negotiation of a higher survey fee and is NOT a part of a standard survey.


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