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U.S. Surveyors Association

Navtech Marine Education 1-800-245-4425

A National Society of Dedicated Professionals Whose Mutual Goal Is to Maintain the Highest Standards of Quality And Ethics in Marine Surveying. By choosing Navtech/U.S. Surveyors, you can be assured of the following: The Marine Surveyor has studied, completed and passed with a score of 80% or above the nationally recognized Navtech Marine Surveyors course.

The Marine Surveyor receives current continuing education and U.S. Coast Guard vessel inspection regulation updates on a regular ongoing bi-monthly basis. Your Marine Surveyor guarantees his/her survey to be accurate as to what he or she can see and list on the survey report.

If for any reason the surveyor has not filed the report according to USCG regulations and existing safety standards your surveyor will re-inspect the vessel without charge. Your Marine Surveyor has a permanent record on file with headquarters, including a resume and minimum of two previous surveys.

For information about a professional U.S. Surveyor simply call 1-800-245-4425 during normal business daytime hours 9-5 pm Eastern Time.

US Surveyors, founded in 1987, is a registered trade name of Navtech Marine Education. Information on all of the services offered by Navtech Marine Education can be obtained by contacting the address below or visiting


"For 27 years we have trained almost all

members of not only ours,

but other organizations." - Virginia Harper, Navtech US Surveyors Co Founder


Navtech US Surveyors

13430 McGregor Blvd. Ft. Myers, Florida 33919

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